Teenage Detectives Team

About Teenage Detectives Team

Teenage Detectives Team is a sci-fi horror RPG video game with a high quality dating simulator aimed at an adult audience who knows how to differentiate between fantasy and reality, it is currently in development and we ask for the support and financial backing of patrons at PATREON.

Our adventure takes place in Rock Hill County in 1999, where a young man returns home after several years, because the father of his guardian and protector has disappeared and the mystery that surrounds that event, leads our protagonist along with his group of friends to live an extraordinary fantasy horror and science fiction adventure that will leave you amazed and ecstatic.

The game features a wide variety of characters that you can interact with and socialize with, Rock Hill County is divided into several sections, including a forest with a campground and a huge mansion, and everything is freely walkable, the game it occurs under the time scheme, where minutes, hours, days, weeks and months are essential.

You can download the game for free, but by supporting the development as a patron you will get great rewards and privileges, visit our page on PATREON for more information.


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